Lady is an 8 yr old female Australian cattle dog mix. She is 34 lbs, good with dogs, good with kids, crate trained but likes staying in the house and likes being around people. She is spayed, heartworm negative, has all shots including rabies.

Spayed, heartworm negative, shots, rabies




Jason is a 6 month old Lab Mix that is neutered and heartworm negative. He has had all of his shots, is great with kids and other dogs.


Ross is a 7 yr old Husky Mix. He is 60 lbs,  heartworm negative, good with female dogs.  Ross has had all shots including rabies and has been neutered. Owner took him to shelter – said cost too much to have pets.




Roscoe is a 9yr old male Lab Mix. He is 77 lbs and is heartworm negative.  Roscoe is good with dogs, kids and crate trained.

Owner tried to use me as bait,  I had puncture wounds on my leg and could barely walk but I made it to tire center where they rescued me and took me to the vet.


Liz is a 4 yr old female lab mix.  She is 51 lbs and getting 2nd heartworm shot November 29th.   Liz is g ood with dogs, kids, crate trained, spayed, has all her shots including rabies.

I had pups and owner sold them off a wagon walking up and down the neighborhood.   Once I got loose I ran to a tire company.  Never looked back


2 year old pit/lab mix Heartworm negative , spayed. Very sweet. Good with some dogs.

Baby Girl

Baby girl is a 9 yr old, 53 lbs senior female.    Would love to be in a home  with an older couple. Good with  kids and other dogs.     Good on leash and long walks


2 yr old spayed female. Timid at first. Great with older couple. She needs time to get adjusted to new home . Heartworm negative


Gracie is 2 yr old Brindle Pit Mix. She is spayed, 55 lbs, heartworm negative and very friendly.  Gracie was rescued from criminal abuse case.

This was Gracie when we got her:



Chelsey is a 3-4 year old Pit Mix.  Very friendly with people and other dogs.  Rescued from a garage where she was left with no food